Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Funded Research

Dr. Carrie Smith Prei

SSHRC funding for “Technologies of Popfeminist Activism”

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Dr. Jelena Pogosjan

SSHRC funding for “IvanZarundy and the production of religious culture in Russia under Peter I”

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Dr. Natalie Kononenko

SSHRC funding for her “Ukraine Alive” project working with Edmonton Public Schools to create an interactive On-Line tool for the Grade 3 Ukraine Social Studies unit.(
KIAS grant for The Spiritual Documentation Project (the Sanctuary Project for short)

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Dr. Yvonne Lam

SSHRC funding for “Upper Necaxa Totonac in context; Exploring the past, present and future of Northern Totonac” (PI is Dr. David Beck, Linguistics; co-applicant is Greg Kondrak, Computing Science)

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Dr. Van Deusen

Received a SSHRC Insight Grant for her project entitled "Mirrors of Virtue: Holy Virgins and Models for Womanhood in Early Icelandic Verse."

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Dr. Odile Cisneros

Received a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for her project entitled " An Online Resource on Environment & Poetry from Latin America."

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