Modern Languages and Cultural Studies


Alternative francophone
Editors: Sathya Rao & Christian Reyns

Canadian Review of Comparative Literature 
Editor: Irene Sywenky

Excavatio: International Review for Multidisciplinary Approaches and Comparative Studies related to Emile Zola and his Time, Naturalism, Naturalist Writers and Artists, Naturalism and Cinema around the World
Editor: Anna Gural-Migdal

Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies / Revue d'études interculturelles de l'image
Founding Editors/Fondateurs: Carrie Smith, Daniel Laforest, Sheena Wilson, William Anselmi

Language Awareness
Co-editors: Xavier Gutierrez and Leila Ranta

Multilingual Discourses
Editors: Elli Dehnavi and Lars Richter 

Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos
Editor: Odile Cisneros

Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies
Co-editors: Carrie Smith and Markus Stock (U Toronto)

TranscUlturAl: A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies
Editor: Anne Malena