Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Jan Chalk Contract Instructor Award

This generous endowment funded by Jan Chalk, previous Assistant Chair (Administration), supports contract instructors in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. 



1. Exhibits a consistently superior command of the subject matter.

2. Instills in students a vital interest in, and enthusiasm for, the subject.

3. Consistently demonstrates a concern for student progress and is available and approachable for out of classroom consultation.

4. Strongly encourages and fosters independent study.

5. Generates a desire for continued learning.


 This award is granted by the Chair's Executive Committee annually and presented at Department Council. Winners include:

  • Ute Blunck (German)
  • Christine Mhina (Swahili)
  • Marianne Lindvall (Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Mathieu Martin-Leblanc (French)
  • Andrea Hayes (French)
  • Crystal Sawatzky (German)
  • Patrizia Bettella (Italian)
  • Kate Primorac (Spanish)
  • Carmela Bruni-Bossio (Spanish)
  • Jolanta Lapiak (ASL)
  • Nada Chehayeb (French)
  • Delma Gil Wilson (Spanish)