Modern Languages and Cultural Studies


celine 810x621

Classic Study Exchange

Basic French required

Université Libre de Bruxelles | Country: Belgium | City: Brussels

University François-Rabelais of Tours (UFRT)
Country: France | City: Tours (near Paris)
Courses taught in English and French.

200 Level required

Université de Nantes
Country: France | City: Nantes
B1 required

Université Paris Nanterre
Country: France | City: Nanterre (Paris)
Limited courses taught in English > B1 French level required

Association des Universités de la Francophonie Canadienne (ACUFC) (offered by CSJ)
Country: Canada | City: Various
Francophone university education opportunities across Canada
Only for undergraduate students.

300 Level

Université Grenoble Alpes
Country: France | City: Grenoble
B1/B2 level required.

Université Catholique de Lille | Country: France | City: Lille

Summer Program

e3 French Alps
Country: France | City: Grenoble
-French language study
-Internship placement (work or research)
-Academic coursework
1 - 3 months

La Rochelle French Program
Country: France | City: La Rochelle
June, 4 weeks

Université Catholique de Lille
Country: France | City: Lille
4 weeks