Museum Emergency Preparedness

How to be prepared for an emergency…

  • Ensure MACS has the most up-to-date office and after-hours contact information for you and the collections staff.
  • Ensure MACS has the most up-to-date location information for your collection. This includes storage, lab, office, off-site, and exhibit spaces.
  • Ensure your collection’s emergency kit is stocked up. If the kit needs replenishing, contact MACS.
  • Regularly review your specific UAlberta Museums collections' emergency plans using this link:
  • Be aware of building shut down notices. MACS monitors all shut down notices across campus and can alert you by email if a shut down may affect your collections spaces.

MACS’ role in the event of an emergency…

A Museums and Collections Services (MACS) Emergency Response and Recovery Team is available on a case-by-case basis to assist with remediation and salvage procedures affecting the University of Alberta (UAlberta) Museums. This team aims to:

  • Enhance emergency preparedness for UAlberta Museums across campus.
  • Establish a team of museum first responders able to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.
  • Enable successful resumption of normal operations as soon as possible following an emergency.
  • Maintain a list of external agencies and resources to provide assistance or additional equipment.

If there is an emergency or other related issue adversely affecting a UAlberta Museums collection, MACS needs to know. Please email MACS the details using the following form:

Incident Report