Renewable Resources Natural History Collection

Several animal and bone specimens stored in neatly stacked clear plastic boxes stored wooden cabinets.

A red bird specimen, stored within a clear plastic box, in the middle of a table.

The Renewable Resources Natural History Collection in the Department of Renewable Resources consists of both the Cy Hampson Wildlife and Dendrology Collections. Both are used for reference and teaching.

The Cy Hampson Collection is used in the study of wildlife biodiversity and is an active and essential resource for students in forestry and environmental and conservation sciences. It contains taxidermy mounts, study skins, skulls, preserved specimens and pinned insects, representing the full spectrum of animal life from worms to birds and mammals.

The Dendrology Collection supports the study of woody plants with a range of specimens of plant material, including seeds, cones, leaves and bark. The specimens have been collected throughout North America, with a particular emphasis on Western Canada. The collection is a fundamental resource for studies in forest biology, ecology and plant identification. It is a tool for exploring the ecological importance and diversity of trees, shrubs and vines.


For access to the Renewable Resources Natural History Colleciton, please contact the Curator.