UAM Summer Internship Blog 2019: Wrapping Up

Reflecting and concluding on an eventful summer internship.

Fatme Elkadry - 23 December 2019


Every day of my internship was full of activity. The versatility of the internship had me working with all kinds of collection items, from insects to textiles! I’ve featured some of my work in my previous blog posts, but there is much more I didn’t cover. You can see my favourite parts of the internship in my final highlight film!

It has been a few months since the last day of my internship. With the ending of the internship came a new beginning! I have the privilege of working at the Canadian Mental Health Association as a Database Curator for 211. 211 is a website and number that anyone can call or text to receive help in navigating the large range of community, government, and social services. The position requires meticulous attention to detail as I work on accurately updating and expanding a database of information about essential agencies and services across the province. 211 has already served over 70,000 people this year, and I feel honoured to have a role in serving our community by connecting them to supportive resources. 

The UAlberta Museums internship helped me gain the skill set I need to successfully fulfill my new role. I will always feel grateful towards the brilliant people that I worked with over the summer, and to UAlberta Museums as a whole for providing me with an opportunity unlike any other!