300 - Level

Fall 2018

Music 315 - Introduction to Conducting

Instructor: Angela Schroeder
Time: MWF - 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

This course is focused on the development of a professional conducting approach with emphasis on techniques appropriate to wind, orchestral, and choral conducting. The course will include instruction in beginning and intermediate conducting techniques, score analysis and preparation, development of visual/aural discrimination skills, the role of the conductor in an historical perspective, and a review of basic musicianship.

Music 365 - Music for Global Development

Instructor: Michael Frishkopf
TR - 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM

This course constitutes an introduction to applied ethnomusicology, specifically the concept of Music for Global Human Development (m4ghd.org): the many ways music can be used to promote positive social change on a variety of issues (health, education, equality, peace, civil society, integration), centered on refugee integration in Canada. Through readings, presentations, films, performances and discussions, we will learn about applied ethnomusicology, medical ethnomusicology, urban ethnomusicology, popular music, migration, multiculturalism, community music therapy, critical development studies, and participatory action research. We will also study a variety of musical strategies, constituting tools for subsequent musical interventions. Designing our own music-based projects, we will then apply our knowledge, propositional and procedural, in collaboration with community settlement partners and newcomers currently settling in Edmonton, through the UofA's Community Service Learning (CSL) program. CSL credit is provided. NB: There are no prerequisites.