Courses for Non-Music Students

Completing an Undergraduate degree is an opportunity to explore your interests and strengths. The Department of Music provides students from every stream with the opportunity to study various music courses as an elective credit or as part of a larger program, such as our Minor in Music or our World Sound Arts Certificate program.

Below is a list of our open course offerings at the Undergraduate level of study. More information on courses can be obtained by consulting the Academic Calendar and/or the Online Course Catalogue. Additional open courses may be posted under Current Variable Courses.

Please note that the following list is not exhaustive. For more information, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor

Courses without Pre-Requisites

Music 100  Rudiments of Music*
Music 101 
 Introduction to Western Art Music
Music 102  Introduction to World Music
Music 103
  Introduction to Popular Music
Music 143
  Indian Music Ensemble
Music 144
 West African Music Ensemble
Music 148 
 Middle Eastern and North African Music Ensemble
Music 193 A/B
 Experimental Improvisation Ensemble
Music 206  History of Jazz
Music 245  Introduction to Music Technologies**
Music 314  Music in Canada
Music 413  Studies in the History of Jazz

 *Offered in Spring/Summer semesters, only.

** Students must be able to read music at a basic level to enroll in this course. 

Performance Ensembles requiring Auditions

Music 140  Choral Ensembles: Concert Choir and/or Madrigal Singers
Music 141  Instrumental Ensembles, including:
Note: Auditions are done the first week of classes.