Specialized Ensembles

Tutorial courses (Music 506, 601 & 602) are designed to give students the opportunity to study a specific topic in music where there are no specific course offerings in the department. Topics are chosen in direct consultation with the instructor of the tutorial.

Specialized Ensemble courses (Music 342, 442, & 542) are designed for two purposes:

1. To allow a student to continue in ensemble activities where there is currently no available course number (either because they do not exist in our catalogue and/or because the student has already received credit for all available course numbers);

2. To allow for the creation of special ensembles (created by and on discretion of the instructor).

Please Note: All proposals must first be approved by the instructor of the course, and then by the Departmental Chair.

How to Submit a Specialized Ensemble or Tutorial Proposal

1. Print off the following ensemble proposal form and deliver it to the potential instructor of your ensemble/ tutorial. Be sure to include:

  • an outline of need and/or purpose of your proposed ensemble;
  • a description of the course content;
  • grading procedures and/or breakdown of evaluation;
  • signature of potential instructor;
  • a course title that would appear on your academic transcript.

Note for Graduate Students: an instructor is not the same as your graduate supervisor. The proposal form must be signed by the individual overseeing your final grade.