Contempo (New Music Ensemble) is available to any student wishing to pursue coaching and performance experience in a range of 20th-century and contemporary repertoires.

The musics studied and performed in Contempo fall into two categories: repertoire requiring a conductor, and repertoire that does not. Reflecting this division, Contempo is taught by two separate instructors: Dr. Andriy Talpash for conducted repertoire, and Dr. Roger Admiral other for non-conducted repertoire and coaching. Normally, students will be expected to participate in both categories.

Contempo will give 2-3 public concerts a year, showcasing both classic 20th century and cutting-edge repertoires. In addition, Contempo will facilitate premiere performances required of composition students enrolled in MUS 460 and 560. Contempo is also available to facilitate incidental or unique performance collaborations with students working in electronic media.

Concerts in the recent past have included works by Canadian and International composers such as Scott Godin, Gyula Csapó, Ron Hannah, Iannis Xenakis, Charles Stolte, Heinz Holliger, Linda Catlin-Smith, Frederic Rzewski, Tom Johnson, Howard Bashaw, Sofia Gubaidulina, Mauricio Kagel, John Cage, Christian Lauba, Henri Pousseur, Elliott Carter, Gordon Fitzell, Violet Archer, Michael Oesterle, Rose Bolton, Randall Smith, Tim Brady, Zoltán Jeney, Witold Lutosławski, Luciano Berio, Franco Donatoni, Isang Yun, Mark Andre, Anton Webern, Helmut Lachenmann, Andre Ristic, Stefano Gervasoni, Alfred Fisher, György Kurtág, Rebecca Saunders, Claude Vivier, Bruce Mather, Pierre Boulez, Terry Riley, and many more.