Indian Music Ensemble

Under the direction of Sharmila Mathur, the Indian Music Ensemble studies the rich tradition of classical Indian music through group instruction and performance. Members learn the basics of raga (melody) and tala (rhythm), through instruction in singing, tabla (drums) and sitar (plucked lute). The Ensemble has qualified & devoted instructors including Sharmila Mathur (Sitar) and Shruti Nair (Vocal). They are regularly featured at the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology's World Music Sampler Concert Series and during the University of Alberta International Week. A set of rental instruments are also available for registered students.

There is no audition for this ensemble. With permission from the Department, the course is available to all students at the University of Alberta and to the general Edmonton community (via Open Studies). Ability to read music is not required. Students must come to the meeting for consent in Studio 27 (FAB 2-7) on first day of class in September, 6:30 pm. Students must register prior to Fall Term and Fall/Winter courses Add/Drop deadline in September. Credit will NOT be granted after that date.