Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education (B.Mus./B.Ed.)

Offering a combination of music and education courses, including individual instrumental lessons, music theory, music history and the professionally-required education courses, this program is designed primarily for those desiring to teach instrumental music in junior or senior high school; or basic rhythms and instruments in elementary school. A choral component is also included.

Admission into this program is dependent upon a successful performance audition and the completion of a music rudiments placement test.

To be eligible to continue in this program, students must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.3.

Transfer from the Department of Music to the Faculty of Education occurs at the end of the third year of study. At the end of this five-year combined program, two degrees are granted: a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Education.


For information on the program and course requirements for the Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education, please visit the University Calendar.

Bachelor of Education (Major or Minor in Music)

The Faculty of Education offers two programs with a focus in either elementary or secondary music education:

B.Ed. (Secondary) with a Major or Minor in Music Education

This is a four-year program with a concentration in music. Students must enrol in a faculty other than Education for the first year. Practical and theoretical music courses are required and Departmental admission requirements apply to these courses. Students must pass theory and aural skills tests or equivalent. Please consult the Faculty of Education for admission and course selection, and the University of Alberta Calendar for course selection.

After-Degree Program

This is a 60-credit (2-year) program for holders of an approved music degree. Students typically complete a 4-year B.Mus. and then transfer to the Faculty of Education to complete the Alberta Education Teacher Certification requirements, culminating in a B.Ed. degree.