Administration & Support Staff

It takes a village to operate a fine arts department. Our UAlberta Music team includes sharp-as-tacks administrators, passionate librarians, dedicated technicians, and communications and marketing experts. Please consult the list below to access one of our talented staff members.

Departmental Chair

Dr. William H Street
Professor of Winds & Percussion, Chair    |   (780) 492.1320


Morgan Gauthier
Assistant Chair, Administration | (780) 492.0606

Contact Morgan for: Faculty and CAST general inquiries including contracts, master performance scheduling, budget administration and area allocations; financial reporting, purchasing and invoicing; facilities, supervisory and PeopleSoft access concerns; human resources and central U of A liaison (HR, Advancement, Fine Arts Communications, etc.).

Kimberly Arndt
Graduate Advisor  |   (780) 492.0603
Contact Kimberly for: Graduate student and FGSR inquiries or concerns; graduate admissions, scholarship and research opportunity information; graduate payroll and course timetabling; graduate program completion paperwork; FOIPP Liaison Officer.

Stephen Tchir
Undergraduate Advisor    |   (780) 492.0602
Contact Stephen for: Undergraduate student inquiries or concerns; undergraduate scholarship and audition schedules information; open house initiatives; undergraduate course timetabling and course/calendar change information; issues with online grades.

Mathew Walton
Executive Assistant to the Chair    |   (780) 492.1320
Contact Mathew for: Chair's calendar and appointments and FEC questions; departmental special event planning; bi-weekly/visiting artist/casual employee payments; Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology events; faculty web resources and general website updates.

Satoko Nemoto
Administrative Assistant    |   (780) 492.0601
Contact Satoko for: Student services such as keys and card access, classroom and practice room bookings; general inquiries, photocopying and printing requisitions; cash/cheque/credit handling and float preparation; choral library rentals and band/choral library orders.

Technical & Support Staff

Russell Baker
Production Coordinator/Technician    |   (780) 492.2247
Contact Russell for: Technical aspects of audio and video recording of recitals, auditions and events; production coordination in Convocation Hall and/or Studio 27; Convocation Hall staffing; technical consultation for digital audio/video recording and production systems, procurement assistance, and technology coaching.

Patrick Strain
Electronics Technician    |    (780) 492.2247
Contact Patrick for: Audio and video recording for recitals, auditions, exams, self-study and library archives; audio and video support for Convocation Hall, Studio 27 and FAB classrooms including equipment maintenance; space bookings for non-Music Department users and community groups; recording/editing/duplicating and transferring of audio and visual materials. 

Bruce Hettinger
Piano Technician and Tuner    |    (780) 492.2788

Graeme Peppink
Music Equipment Assistant

Media & Communications

Pamela Osborne
Marketing & Communications Advisor    |    (780) 248.5617

Erik Einsiedel 
Communications Associate     |    (780) 248.2079


Kyle Ireland
Fine Arts Recruitment Coordinator    |    (780) 492.8840

Kimberly Bricker 
Box Office Marketing Assistant