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Balcetis, Allison
Music 780-492-2949
Byl, Julia
Assistant Professor
Music 780-492-7534
Despres, Jacques
Music Keyboard 780-492-8113
Fauteux, Brian
Assistant Professor
Music Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Film, Media, And Image Studies 780-492-6147
Frishkopf, Michael
Music Ethnomusicology, Health, Media Studies, Film, Media, And Image Studies, Technology And The Humanities, Social/Cultural Anthropology, Middle East And Islamic Studies, Africa, Networks 780-492-0225
Gier, Christina
Associate Professor, Associate Chair (Graduate)
Music Musicology 780-492-4015
Gramit, David
Professor, Graduate Associate Chair
Music Musicology 780-492-4009
Hannesson, Mark
Associate Professor
Music Composition 780-492-0497
Ingraham, Mary
Professor of Musicology, Director of the Sound Studies Initiative
Music Musicology, Race And Ethnicity, Cultural Studies, 19Th Century Studies, 20Th And 21St Century Studies, Quebec And Canadian Studies, Empire, Postcolonial, And Nation Studies, Canada, Globalization, Migration & Decolonization 780-492-7887 (Admin)
Moshaver, Maryam
Associate Professor
Music Theory 780-492-4099
Ratzlaff, Leonard
Music Choral 780-492-5306
Schroeder, Angela
Associate Professor
Music Winds & Percussion 780-492-7523
Smallwood, Scott
Associate Professor
Music Composition 780-492-1510
Street, William
Professor & Chair
Music 780-492-1320
Tao, Patricia
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Associate Chair
Music Keyboard 780-492-8109
Tardif, Guillaume
Associate Professor, String Area Coordinator
Music Strings 780-492-8112
Tessier, John
Associate Professor
Music Voice Area 780-492-9410
Turnbull, Elizabeth
Music 780-492-8985