Ethics Training Requirement

Ethics training is a mandatory requirement for all University of Alberta graduate students. Students complete the ethics component in the first term of their program.

All graduate students need to meet the ethics training requirement by following the FGSR Ethics Training (INT D 710, INT D 720).

Research Ethics Requirements

All faculty, staff and students who conduct human participant research and/or who use animals in research, teaching and testing need to have ethics approval from a University of Alberta ethics committee for their work before it starts. The REO website has comprehensive information on ethics requirements, processes and policies.

REO has developed a simple self-assessment tool (When Is Ethics Review Required) to help researchers understand when they need to get more advice from the Research Ethics Office. Ethics requirements change over time and REO will always have current and accurate information.

For human participant research related to honors, capstone or thesis requirements, the student prepares an ethics application which is approved first by the supervisor and the by the REB. Video tutorials on different aspects of the ethics application process can be found on our website.

REO provides advice, consultation and training by email, telephone and in person to individuals, research groups, classes and seminars, staff orientations and department meetings. Please contact the Research Ethics Office.