Thesis Credits

What are thesis credits? Quite simply, thesis credits are courses that provide you with credit for the work you put into your thesis and/or recital work. Below are a few ways that thesis credits can be applied throughout the duration of your program of study:
  • Students in Thesis‐based degree programs can use thesis credits to maintain full‐time status.
  • Thesis credits can be taken indefinitely until the end of the student's program. Thesis credits will show up as "incomplete" on the student's transcript until the thesis is submitted to FGSR, at which point a grade will be assigned before convocation.
  • Students can register in the same Thesis course as many times as necessary (i.e. Thesis 903 in 2 different semesters) to maintain full time registration.

For a complete listing of thesis credits that are available, please visit the FGSR's thesis credit listing.