Awards & Assistantships

The Department of Music awards approximately $150,000 per year in scholarships and awards, though scholarship amounts may vary from year to year.

The majority of our scholarships are awarded automatically to current and incoming students based on the Department's consideration. Several significant awards, however, are based on application only. Students are advised of deadlines and criteria by email from the Graduate Advisor.


Other Awards, Bursaries and Fellowships

The student population-at-large is eligible to apply for many other scholarships outside of the department. The University administers bursaries, scholarships, and fellowships, which are awarded primarily on the basis of academic standing. Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Awards & Funding page to view current competitions, including award terms and conditions, application procedures, and deadlines.


Travel Grants

For information on graduate travel grants, please see here.

  • Academic Scholarships

    Major scholarships and awards are available to both incoming and continuing students. Application information will be sent out to continuing students throughout the year. Below is a partial list of key opportunities:

    1. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

    2. Killam Trust Scholarships, and Andrew Stewart Competition

  • Assistantships

    In the Department of Music all graduate students, except for special and visiting students, are eligible for teaching and research assistantships providing they are active in their program and have a satisfactory GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students are not eligible for a teaching or research assistantship during the term that they complete their program. Preference is given to full-time students.

    Teaching assistantships are composed of duties that primarily support instruction, provide the student with beneficial work experience, and meet a need of the department.

    The collective agreement and salary scale for assistantship positions can be found on the FGSR website here.

  • Beryl Barns Memorial Graduate Award

    Graduate students are automatically considered for Beryl Barns Memorial Graduate Awards in Music. Amounts are awarded to a maximum of $10,000. All performance, composition, choral and band conducting are automatically considered for these awards. Awards will be made to outstanding students on the basis of accomplishment in the students' primary field of activity (performance, composition, or conducting).

    Duration of Awards

    Awards will be made to full-time students for a single year; students may hold the award for one additional year at the master's level, and two additional years at the doctoral level. A recipient of a Beryl Barns Memorial Award will be expected to maintain a grade point average of 3.3 in Music courses in each year that the award is held. Awards will be terminated if the student's enrollment status ceases to be full-time or if the student's overall performance in his or her program is deemed unsatisfactory.

    Recipient Obligations

    A recipient of a Beryl Barns award (performance) will, when possible, perform a work dedicated to the memory of Beryl Barns composed by a Beryl Barns Memorial Award recipient (composition), as part of his or her recital requirements. A Beryl Barns award recipient (composition) will compose a work dedicated to the memory of Beryl Barns to be performed, where possible, and/or appropriate, by a Beryl Barns Memorial Award recipient (performance). In years in which both performer(s) and composer(s) hold Barns awards, the composer(s) will be encouraged to write works for current Barns award recipient(s) (performance) to be premiered at a public recital. These original works will be added to a library of works composed by Beryl Barns Memorial Award recipients (composition) as a living and growing legacy to Beryl Barns.

  • Department of Music Awards
    The following awards do not require an application and graduate students will be considered automatically each year. Please note that exact award amounts can change slightly from year to year and are subject to confirmation by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the time of award notification.

    Alberta Baroque Music Society Scholarship in Music
    ($1,250) (graduate or undergraduate)

    Violet Archer Graduate Scholarship in Musical Composition

    John and Logie Drew Graduate Scholarship in Choral Conducting
    (2 at $1,400, variable)

    Edmonton Composers' Concert Society/David Roxburgh Award in Composition
    ($500) (graduate or undergraduate)

    Sergei Eremenko Scholarship in Violin
    (use of EH Roth 1949 violin) (graduate or undergraduate)

    Harry Farmer Graduate Scholarship in Music


    Harry Farmer Scholarship in Organ Performance
    (variable to $4,000) (graduate or undergraduate)

    Pamela Farmer Graduate Scholarship in Music


    Margo Fraser Memorial Scholarship in Music
    ($2,500) (graduate or undergraduate)

    Sarah and Martin Gouin Family Graduate Travel Scholarship in Music


    Janine and Samuel Krikler Woodwind Award
    (variable) (graduate)

    Leah Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Music


    Carol Mallett Scholarship
    (variable to $3,500) (graduate or undergraduate)

    William Rea Scholarship
    ($11,500) (Music, Drama, or English)

    Jean Isabel Soper Memorial Scholarship in Music

    Varagur Vaikunta and Sarada Srinivasan Memorial Scholarship
    ($500) (graduate or undergraduate)

    Harriet Snowball Winspear Graduate Fellowship in the Performing Arts


    Flore Shaw Graduate Scholarship in Music
    ($4,800) The Flore Shaw Graduate Scholarship in Music is awarded annually to a graduate of the M.Mus. or M.A. program of the University of Alberta planning to go on to further study. Eligible students must submit a letter of application by April 1.

  • Inter-Departmental Awards

    All applications must be submitted to the Graduate Advisor no later than 1 week before the FGSR deadline date. Applications that are late or incomplete will not be considered.
    No exceptions or extensions will be permitted.

    Please be advised that the Graduate Advisor (Kimberly Arndt) will not follow up on incomplete applications.

    A list of FGSR inter-departmental scholarships can be found here. Please carefully review the eligibility requirements for each award and ensure you are eligible to apply.

    For further information, please consult the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website: FGSR Scholarships and Awards (use the search box and award name to find specific awards).

    The following items must be provided in one email:

    1. An Inter-Departmental Award Competition Form; please complete the top section of the form (Student ID, Name, Department, and the Award Name) and Part 2 the Statement of Research.
    2. Current Curriculum Vitae.
    3. A letter of support from your supervisor (these should be sent directly to the Graduate Advisor). Ensure you give your referee enough notice to provide a letter by the department deadline. Due to tight timelines we cannot accept late letters of recommendation.
    4. An up-to-date current University of Alberta transcript.