Dean's message

Interim Dean Welcome Message

Tan'si to all the new and returning Native Studies students! 

For the new students, welcome to the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. As you begin your classes, know that you are joining one of the top Indigenous Studies academic units in the world, and one that has been in existence for more than 25 years. We are a vibrant and diverse family of Indigenous and non-Indigenous faculty and staff that are dedicated to teaching and researching the complex understanding of the relationship between Indigenous and settler societies. Our students graduate our faculty with this knowledge and with a set of skills in high demand by public and private employers alike.

To our returning students, you already know all of this - welcome back! 

Some obvious but nevertheless important things for both new and returning students to keep in mind as you start your school year:  

As often as you can: 

1. make sure you get enough sleep;

2. if you practice ceremony, continue to make it a priority (if you are from out of town, we can help you find someone to do ceremony with);

3. make sure you don't forget to eat and when you do eat, eat green stuff as often as you can;  

4. exercise;

5. make time to have fun with family and friends;

6. attend your lectures and seminars regularly and try and be on time; 

7. do your readings in advance, and study with friends if it's productive; 

8. involve yourself in the life of the faculty and the university. 

Your mind, your body and your GPA will thank you. 

In addition to our excellent support staff in the Faculty of Native Studies, the University of Alberta more generally also takes the wellness of its students seriously. Here's a website that many of you may find helpful.

I wish you all the best of luck this year. Read, think, discuss and write. And, be kind to each other. 

Above all, remember: you belong here, you deserve to be here, and you have as much to teach us as we have to teach you. 



Chris Andersen,
Interim Dean, Faculty of Native Studies