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February 1, 2018 4:00 PM - 5:20 PMEdmonton Clinic Health Academy 1-190

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A UAlberta International Week event:

Indigenous Resilience and Resistance
in the Arts
Indigenous Women and Youth Resilience
Project, Faculty of Native Studies
Brenda Morency, artist and illustrator;
Tashina Makokis, artist and producer of
“Indigenous Pillow Talks” podcast; Amanda
Gould, Office of the Provost and VicePresident
Academic and dancer; Kenneth
T. Williams, Department of Drama and
playwright; Moderated by Dr. Tracy Bear,
Faculty of Native Studies and Department of
Women’s And Gender Studies
The Indigenous Women and Youth Resilience
Project at the Faculty of Native Studies explores
the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous
women and girls through a lens of Indigenous
resilience. In this first event of the project,
an Indigenous panel consisting of a dancer,
playwright and visual artists explores the question:
what is the relationship between Indigenous
practices of resilience or resistance and the arts?
Featuring short films and visual art, our panelists
discuss and critique this complex relationship,
their experiences and motivations as Indigenous
artists, as well the concepts of resilience and
resistance within lived Indigenous experiences.