May 2 2018 - Métis Visual Arts

RCMR was pleased to host two visual artists for Métis Talks: Jennine Krauchi and Amy Malbeuf.

Jennine Krauchi is a Winnipeg-based Métis artist, known for beading the largest octopus bag (fire bag), currently on display at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. She has taught beading for many years, and we were so pleased to have her host a small beading workshop for students that same day.

An Alberta-based Métis visual artist, Amy Malbeuf uses mediums such as tufting, beadwork and video (among others) to represent her work. She has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and has won numerous awards.

It was such a pleasure to have both these wonderful women at our event!

Jennine Krauchi sitting with sample of Metis fire bag

Jennine Krauchi discussing beadwork and Métis fire bags

Amy Malbeuf at podium

Amy Malbeuf

Métis Talks May 2nd @ 2:00pm poster