Current Students

Undergraduate Honors in Neuroscience Program

Our undergraduate program allows students to delve into the mysteries of the mind under the tutelage of some of the world's leading scientists. Incorporating classes from neuroscience, psychology, physiology, pharmacology, biology, and chemistry, our undergraduates learn about how healthy and diseased brains function at the cellular and molecular level and how concerted activity at the systems level are the foundation for cognition. Moreover, we take our students out of the class and into the lab, as all Honors Neuroscience students get hands-on research experience in the laboratories of faculty members in the Institute. The Institute offers the BSc Honours in Neuroscience program through the Faculty of Science.

Graduate Program

The NMHI graduate program has more than 65 MSc and PhD students. Our trainees work with faculty members across five faculties who hold membership in the NMHI. Alumni from the neuroscience graduate programs have found careers as professors and researchers, and many have continued their education in postdoctoral fellowships and medical schools around the world. Prospective students interested in applying to our graduate program please review the prospective graduate students section.