Final Thesis Submission

Students can submit their thesis to FGSR electronically if they so choose. However, the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute requires ALL graduating students to submit one bound copy of their thesis to the institute whether or not they are submitting to FGSR electronically. Please note that the color of the book binding is dark green for neuroscience. This copy will be added to the permanent library in the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute.

Following are the options for students when submitting their thesis to FGSR after the corrections to a defended thesis have been made:

  1. PDF version if submitted electronically
  2. Two copies if submitted hard-copy submitted. One unbound copy is sent by FGSR to Library and Archives Canada for inclusion in the national repository and one copy is bound and supplied to U of A Libraries for cataloguing and placement in its Special Collections.

Neuroscience students will be required to submit a hard copy of the thesis to the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute office.

Students may choose to have additional copies printed for supervisors or personal use but this is not required.

There are additional supporting documents that must be sent to FGSR as well.  Students are responsible for checking the FGSR website for complete and up-to-date information.

Important Note on E-theses, Public Access, and Prior Publication

Students are to check with the likely publishers of their work in advance of the submission of their thesis as to whether they consider submission of a thesis to D-space as prior publication (many publishers do not consider the inclusion of a thesis in a university repository to be a prior publication but some do). A request to restrict public access to a thesis may be approved by FGSR for a maximum of one year; however this request must be fully documented. Students who have been advised by a publisher that it considers the e-thesis to be a prior publication can include the copy of the publishing contract, or a copy of the author guidelines, to support a request to restrict access to a thesis at the time of submission of the thesis.

Further information may be obtained from FGSR.