Supervisory Committees

Committees will be formed in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) regulations. Supervisory committees for all students (both MSc and PhD) must be appointed six months into the student's first year in the program and the first supervisory committee meeting must be held six months into the program.

Supervisory Committee Composition

The committee will consist of the supervisor and at least two other full-time faculty members (at least one of whom is an NMHI member). All supervisors must be members of the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute with active research programs. New investigators, members who hold an MD degree (with no thesis), or members who have not graduated a student will normally be required to appoint a co-supervisor for their students.  The co-supervisor must first be approved by the graduate co-ordinator.

Supervisors, in consultation with the student, will suggest names of potential committee members to the graduate co-ordinator for approval. This approval must be provided to the administrator. 


  1. Meet with the student at least once a year to determine the student's progress and to advise on academic and research matters. A “Report of Supervisory Committee” form must be submitted to the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute office after each supervisory committee meeting.
  2. Take part in examinations required by the FGSR (e.g., candidacy examinations, final oral examinations).
  3. The supervisor has specific responsibilities:
    • Ensures that the student meets all the administrative requirements of NMHI and FGSR. Note that, in accordance with FGSR regulations, it is the supervisor's responsibility and not the student's to arrange supervisory committee meetings and examinations 
    • Provides the research support necessary for completion of the thesis research
    • Makes every possible effort to secure financial support for the student
    • Provides the graduate committee with an annual written report on the student's performance as requested