Current Students


*Eligibility requirements are subject to change*

Neuroscience graduate students are eligible to receive numerous University of Alberta and external funding agency scholarships. It is the student’s responsibility to investigate all scholarships available. Students are expected to apply for scholarships. Neuroscience students receive scholarships primarily from the sources below.

University of Alberta Awards

Application procedures for University of Alberta awards change yearly. New application is available each year from FGSR

External Agency Awards

Application procedures vary greatly for these award competitions. In some instances, students apply directly to the agency. In others, the University of Alberta is assigned a quota, departments rank and recommend applications to FGSR and FGSR sends applications to the granting agency. Students should always check the agency website for instructions on applying for, activating, and renewing awards. Note that the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute is not involved in the administration of awards won.

Incentive Awards (top ups for award winners)

Additional Awards

Additional scholarships may include Specialized Awards administered by FGSR and awards offered by your supervisor’s home department. Notices on these awards are circulated to students as application information is available.

Funding from Neuroscience

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute does not offer scholarships. If funding is available, supervisors may apply to the NMHI for student stipend support. Further information may be obtained by emailing

New students may be eligible to apply for:

Every effort is made to communicate application procedures, eligibility and deadlines for scholarships available to neuroscience students that are administered by the University of Alberta. Students are ultimately responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of their scholarship applications.

Further information on University of Alberta scholarships can be found at the FGSR Awards & Funding web page.