Potential Supervisors

The following faculty members are available to supervise the courses indicated below, if the supervisor believes the student’s research project to be appropriate for his or her lab and if the supervisor has the time required to dedicate to the supervisory responsibilities of the course.



NEURO 451/452

NEURO 498/499

Department or Division

Potential projects

Carol Boliek X X X Speech pathology & audiology The effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on neuromuscular control for nonspeech and speech tasks
Carol Boliek X X X Speech pathology & audiology The effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on neuromuscular control for nonspeech and speech tasks
Jeremy Caplan X X X Psychology Title: The effect of word-imageability on the electrophysiological mechanisms of memory for word-word associations
Principal techniques: EEG (ERP and oscillations) and cognitive psychology
Valuable skills: high-level programming (python and MATLAB), statistics like ANOVA (SPSS)
  X X X   Title: The effect of sleep on competition in memory for verbal associations
Principal techniques: behaviour (cognitive psychology)
Valuable skills: high-level programming (MATLAB), statistics like ANOVA (SPSS)
Craig Chapman X X X Physical education & recreation Using EEG to track evidence accumulation in discrimination decisions
  X X X   Investigating the effects of alpha phase on brightness discrimination
  X X X   Designing, testing and validating new outcome metrics for prosthetic limb patients using motion and eye tracking
  X X X   Exploring the value of information in human reach decisions
Jacqueline Cummine X X X Speech pathology & audiology Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Basic Language Processes
Clayton Dickson X X X Psychology Cellular & Circuit Neurophysiology of Medial Temporal Lobe Structures
David Eisenstat X X X Medical Genetics Regulation of the oncogene BMI1 in retinal development and retinoblastoma
  X X X   Regulation of the Brain Fatty Acid Binding Protein/FABP7 in interneuronal migration and glioblastoma
Peter Hurd X X X Psychology Aggressive behaviour, and the influence of sexual differentiation on brain and behaviour
Esther Fujiwara     X Psychiatry Eye-tracking of emotional face processing in alexithymia
Kelvin Jones X X X Physical education & recreation Electrodiagnostic tests of peripheral nerve function in individuals with spinal cord injury
Sanjay Kalra   X X Neurology & biomedical engineering ALS and other motor neuron disorders, cognitive impairment in ALS, development and application of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and other imaging techniques
Bradley Kerr X X X Anesthesiology & pain medicine Projects focused on sex differences in pain processing, sodium channel changes in a mouse model of MS or oxidative stress and pain
Joanne Lemieux X X X Biochemistry The molecular mechanism of Parkinson's disease
Kyle Mathewson X X X Psychology Studying attentional processes in the human's natural habitat
John Misiaszek X X X Occupational therapy Somatosensory contributions to the regulation of balance during standing and walking in humans
Silvia Pagliardini     X Physiology Viral tracing and optogenetic control of respiratory networks
Elena Posse de Chaves     X Pharmacology Prion-like spreading of amyloid beta in Alzheimer’s disease
      X   Regulation of LC3-associated phagocytosis by statins during choroideremia
Valerie Sim X X   Neurology Is Alzheimer's disease really a prion disease?
  X X   Neurology Is chronic wasting disease, a prion disease of deer and elk, a risk to humans?
Anthony Singhal X X X Psychology Oscillations in sensorimotor integration
  X X X   Relative contribution of the ventral stream in delayed visual-motor processing
Kathryn Todd     X Psychiatry Inflammation in the central nervous system
Albert Vette     X Mechanical Engineering Effect of sensorimotor noise on speed of processing during a simple reaction task
Ian Winship X X X Psychiatry Imaging and augmenting endogenous neuroprotective and neuroplastic responses to stroke
Toshifumi Yokota X   X Medical genetics Preclinical development of antisense oligonucleotide-mediated therapies for neuromuscular diseases