Graduate Student position with Dr. Karim Fouad: Spinal cord injury

A graduate student position is available in the lab of Dr. Karim Fouad.

The Fouad Lab is focused on adaptive mechanisms (plasticity) that occur following spinal cord injury and how they influence functional recovery following spinal cord injury. In addition, we are exploring the role of gut microbiome imbalance in mental health changes after spinal cord injury.

Techniques used in our laboratory range from various experimental and surgical approaches to promote plasticity and regeneration in animal models, behavioral tests (sensory and motor), in vivo electrophysiological assessments, cell culture, histology and quantitative microscopy.

For more information on the lab please visit:

Start dates are negotiable, but we would like a new student in September 2020. Students with a background in neuroscience, physiology or cell biology are encouraged to apply.

Please send an updated CV and contact information for 1-2 references to

Sept 2020