Graduate student position with Drs Malykhin and Brown: Understanding episodic memory function using Deep Learning Models

We are currently seeking a graduate student (MSc) interested in the cognitive neuroscience of memory and aging. The successful candidate will work with Dr. Nikolai Malykhin (Department of Psychiatry) and Dr. Matthew Brown (Department of Computing Science) on neuroimaging and behavioral experiments examining how structural and functional brain changes, genetic risk factors and age impact episodic memory function across the adult lifespan using machine/deep learning applications. Applicants can choose to apply for graduate studies through either the Department of Psychiatry or the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute.

Academic Requirements: 1) B.Sc./B.A. degree with a major or specialization in Neuroscience/Psychology/or related field; 2) Completion of introductory statistics courses 3) Good computer skills including knowledge of Matlab and/or Python. Prior experience with statistical analysis software (eg: SPSS, R, or statistical libraries in Python or Matlab) is an asset. Prior experience with MRI processing software is an asset. This NSERC funded position is anticipated to begin January 2021 or September 2021 and will be open until filled. Interested applicants should email Dr. Nikolai Malykhin or Dr. Matthew Brown. 

Dec 2020