Graduate student with Dr. Trevor Steve: Ex vivo MRI and histology coregistration in the human temporal lobe

The human hippocampus is critical for normal declarative memory function and is pathologically affected in several neuropsychiatric diseases. There is, therefore, substantial interest in measuring hippocampal subfields with in vivo MRI. However, existing approaches to subfield segmentation have not been histologically validated. We have developed a novel approach to this problem by coregistering ex vivo MR Images and histological samples. The aim of this current project is to develop a histologically validated segmentation protocol for the entire human hippocampus. Graduate student(s) with an interest in the neuroanatomy of the human mesial temporal lobe are encouraged to apply.

Our lab utilizes human cadaveric brains to develop novel approaches to hippocampal subfield segmentation. Therefore, the successful student must be comfortable working with cadaveric brains including anatomical dissection, preparation of samples for MR Imaging, tissue embedding and microtome sectioning. The student will work in a multi-disciplinary team including technologists from the University of Alberta's anatomical gifts program, the Peter Allen MR Centre, and HistoCore. The student will learn the following advanced techniques: ultra-high resolution ex vivo MRI (using a state-of-the art 3T PRISMA scanner), MR Image analysis including curved multi-planar reformatting (CMPR), and antigen-recovery immunohistochemistry.

Please inquire via email ( with your transcript (unofficial is suitable) and a CV.
December 2020