Graduate student with Dr. Doug Zochodne: regeneration of axons or experimental diabetic neuropathy

Our laboratory is interested in either an MSc or PhD candidate Neuroscience graduate student. The student could work on one of our two main themes

  1. Regeneration of axons: Our laboratory studies intrinsic molecular mechanisms of axon regrowth using in vitro (adult neurons) and in vivo (rodent models). Our main emphasis has been PNS regeneration but the laboratory is exploring new ideas in optic nerve regeneration as well. Techniques include rodent microsurgery, cell culture, multifiber electrophysiological recordings, morphometry of nerve and ganglia, double and triple label immunohistochemistry, qRT-PCR, Westerns and other techniques as appropriate.
  2. Experimental diabetic neuropathy: Diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of human peripheral nerve damage. We study models of the disorder and new molecular approaches to encourage regrowth of axons that are lost in diabetes. Techniques as above with the addition of the induction, maintenance and analysis of the diabetic model

Our laboratory is on LKS 5th Floor.

We can provide contacts of previous graduate students or our current PDFs to understand the type of work.