Neuro Nexus 2020


Due to the evolving and uncertain nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the interest of the well being of our communities, it has been decided to postpone Neuro Nexus until further notice.

The NMHI is proud to support this event. 

Do you have a neurological or mental health challenge that needs solving?

NeuroNexus is a 6-week multidisciplinary design and pitch competition and is seeking challenges in care for neurological and mental health disorders. Projects could be anything from the development of novel hardware and software tools to simplify and accelerate research, computational models of neural systems, and neurotechnologies.



Present your problem
Brain and mental health challenges are invited from researchers, healthcare practitioners, industry, and community members to inspire projects for the competition. 

Form a team
On Pitch Day, challenges will be presented to a cohort of over 200 multidisciplinary innovators. Innovators select the project that resonates with them and form teams with like-interested individuals.

Design a solution
The teams will get 6 weeks to formulate an approach to the problem and come up with a technical design and rough business plan. Teams will gain access to expert-instructed workshops as well as practical and timely mentorship. 

Bring it to life
The program culminates in the 72-hour Health Hack Weekend. Taking place at a state of the art makerspace, teams will gain access to rapid prototyping equipment and on-site technical mentorship and pitch coaching.

Showcase your innovation
At Demo Day, teams will showcase their solutions to a panel of judges as well as the community. The most promising solutions will be presented with awards! 

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