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Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute Research Day

SAVE THE DATE! The 2021 NRD is going Virtual on March 4, 2021

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Theresa Jones, PhD
Talk Title: "Experience-driven compensation in neural reorganization after stroke"
Bio: Theresa A. Jones is a Professor in the Psychology Department and Neuroscience Institute at the University of Texas in Austin. Her research focus is on how experience- and activity-dependent plasticity interact with injury-induced signals to shape neural reorganization and functional outcome after brain damage. She has found that this interaction is sometimes pathological and maladaptive for behavioral outcome. A major focus of her work has been on neural reorganization relevant to upper extremity function (hand and arm), because loss of this function is a common lasting disability after stroke. In recent years, she has used live-animal imaging approaches to study the coordination and experience-dependency of neural and vascular remodeling responses in peri-infarct tissue over time within animals and the potential to drive these responses into functionally beneficial directions.

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NMHI Research Day Success!

The 2020 NMHI Research Day was a huge success. Thank you to the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association for all their hard work in planning the event, to Dr. Giulio Tononi for the keynote address, and to everyone who participated and celebrated NMHI trainee research! 

You can check out some of the photos on our Facebook page.