Faculty Members


Department Or Division

Research Interests

Daniel Aalto  Communication Sciences and Disorders  Magnetic resonance imaging of oral structures and functions   
Vincent Agyapong Psychiatry Contributing to the development of ultramodern, multidisciplinary, recovery focused, community based mental health services  
Syed Nizam Ahmed Neurology Epilepsy and epilepsy surgery, electroencephalography, biological signal processing, machine learning applied to EEG and MRI  
Judd Aiken Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science Biomarkers of aging and prion disease, mtDNA in aging, prions in the environment  

Katherine Aitchison


Gene-environment interactions, pharmacogenomics, addictions, psychiatric genetics


Declan Ali

Biological Sciences

Developmental roles of signal transduction mechanisms associated with receptors and synapses


Ted Allison

Biological Sciences / Medical Genetics

Integrating genetics and physiology to study photoreceptor regeneration, prion diseases and Alzheimer's disease

Keith Aronyk Neurosurgery Pediatric surgery   
Fang Ba
Deep brain stimulation for movement disorders.  

Glen Baker


Mechanisms of action and metabolism of antidepressant/antipanic and neuroprotective drugs


Klaus Ballanyi

Physiology / Pediatrics

Neuromodulation in perinatal motor networks


Christian Beaulieu

Biomedical Engineering

Magnetic resonance imaging of neurological disorders


Dave Bennett

Biomedical Engineering

Neuronal plasticity and regeneration after spinal cord injury

Gregg Blevins

Francois Bolduc

Pediatric Neurology

Genetics of memory and intellectual disability


Carol Boliek

Speech Pathology and Audiology

Activity-dependent neuroplasticity of speech motor control in children and adults

Brian Buck
Atrial fibrillation, computer vision, diagnostics, machine learning, stroke  
Miguel Bussiere Neurology    

Ken Butcher


Cerebral perfusion imaging in acute ischemic stroke and acute intracerebral hemorrhage management

Suzette Bremault-Phillips

Richard Camicioli


Prediction and treatment of dementia and motor decline in high risk populations including people with Parkinson's disease, cerebrovascular disease and genetic risk factors

Bo Cao Psychiatry Diagnoses and treatment outcomes of mental disorders using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques   

Jeremy Caplan


Human memory—the cognitive processes by which we remember things and how these are implemented in the brain

Joseph Casey Biochemistry Membrane transport  
Allen Chan Psychiatry Optical imaging of neural circuits and brain networks in neuropsychiatric disorders  

K. Ming Chan

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Decline in the human neuromuscular system in aging and disese and their response to therapeutic interventions


Craig Chapman

Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation 

Analyzing actions in complex environments and understanding them as the observable component of human cognition

Pierre Chue Psychiatry

Fred Colbourne


Neuroprotection and promoting recovery after ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke


Dave Collins

Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation 

Neural control of human movement


William F. Colmers


Neuromodulation in the CNS


Ivor Cribben

Finance and Statistical Analysis

Time series analysis, graphical models and high-dimensional statistical methods with applications to neuroscience data and neuroeconomics 


Jacqueline Cummine

Speech Pathology & Audiology

Magnetic resonance imaging of basic language processes

Maria Cutumisu Educational Psychology Design, implementation and evaluation of interactive learning technologies  
Sumit Das Laboratory Medicine and Pathology    

Bruce Dick

Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Cognitive deficits in individuals with chronic pain, pain in children, imaging the effects of chronic pain using event-related potentials (ERPs) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)


Clayton Dickson


Cellular & circuit neurophysiology of medial temporal lobe structures


Roger Dixon


Neurocognitive aspects of aging, impairment, and Alzheimer's disease

Kathryn Dong Emergency Medicine    
Maryana Duchcherer Psychiatry    

Serdar Dursun


Molecular neuroscience of behavioural and neuroanatomical correlates of psychoses

David Eisenstat Pediatrics and Medical Genetics Interface between cancer and development  
George Elleker

Patrick Flood

School of Dentistry

How immune cells are activated and regulated within the Central Nervous System (CNS)


Karim Fouad

Rehabilitation Medicine

Promoting axonal regeneration and functional recovery after spinal cord injury


Esther Fujiwara


Interactions of coping style, memory and forgetting


Greg Funk

Physiology / Pediatrics

Neurophysiology, specifically basic mechanisms of rhythm generation, neuronal information processing and signal transduction within developing respiratory networks

Alona Fyshe Computing Science Neuroscience of language understanding, machine learning, computational linguistics  

Fabrizio Giuliani


Neuroimmunology and neurodegeneration


Monica Gorassini

Biomedical Engineering

Role of neuronal growth and general plasticity in the recovery of motor function after spinal cord injury


Simon Gosgnach


Development of spinal locomotor circuits


Shaun Gray

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation strategies and outcomes in acquired brain injury as well as the mechanisms of long-term recovery from acquired brain injury 


Andy Greenshaw


Psychotherapeutic drug action


John Greer


Mammalian developmental neurobiology

Donald Gross Neurology    

Trevor Hamilton

Psychology (Grant MacEwan University)

Neural mechanisms of learning and memory

Chris Hanstock Biomedical Engineering In vivo NMR studies of tissue metabolism  

Steve Harvey


Growth hormone, neural regulation growth hormone

Dana Hayward Psychology Typical and atypical social cognition, measured through lab-based and real-world investigations  

Jacqueline Hebert

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control - BLINC

Chester Ho Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Spinal cord injury: health service delivery and management of complications following injury

Bill Hodgetts

Peter Hurd


Aggressive behaviour, and the influence of sexual differentiation on brain and behaviour

Wasif Hussain Neurology    
Maria Ioannou Physiology Cellular mechanisms of neuron-glia communication in health and disease  
Jesse Jackson Physiology Organization and function of neural circuits in the neocortex  
Juhani Järvikivi
Language and cognition, development of language processing in children

Jack Jhamandas


Central autonomic regulation and neurodegeneration

Glen Jickling Neurology Vascular neurology: ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke  
Wendy Johnston

Kelvin Jones

Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation 

Clinical & Theoretical Neuroscience Laboratory

Olivier Julien  Biochemistry Protease proteomics  

Sanjay Kalra

Neurology / Biomedical Engineering

ALS and other motor neuron disorders, cognitive impairment in ALS, development and application of advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques


Satyabrata Kar


Role of beta-amyloid peptides and insulin-like growth factors in the regulation of central cholinergic functions and their relevance to Alzheimer's disease pathology


Bradley Kerr

Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Cellular mechanisms of chronic pain

Khurshid Khan

Esther Kim

Rehabilitation Medicine

Treatment-induced neuroplasticity in aphasia

Harley Kurata Pharmacology Ion channel function and modulation in human disease  
Ordan Lehmann
Ophthamology and Medical Genetics
Mutations and chromosomal anomalies affects on eye development and visual function  
Joanne Lemieux
Understanding the role of intramembrane proteases in neurodegenerative disease

Ada Leung

Occupational Therapy

Functional neuroimaging of auditory working memory and executive function

Xin-min Li Psychiatry
Examining the role of white matter damage in psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases

Daniel Livy


The effect of fetal alcohol and nicotine exposure on the development of the brain

Torrey Loucks Communication Sciences and Disorders Stuttering  

Jian-Qiang Lu

Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

CNS tumors, neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory diseases


Nikolai Malykhin

Biomedical Engineering

Limbic system


Brian Maraj

Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation 

Perceptual motor behaviour in Down Syndrome and other special populations


Wayne Martin


Pathophysiology and treatment of neurodegenerative disease


Kyle Mathewson 


Psychophysiology of attention, perception, and performance

Jennifer McCombe

Marek Michalak


Protein quality control and misfolded protein diseases

Debbie McKenzie Biological Sciences Prion disease strain selection and adaptation, Chronic wasting disease, cellular tropism of prions  

John Misiaszek

Occupational Therapy

Neural control of walking and dynamic equilibrium

Nicholas Mitchell Psychiatry Molecular chaperones  
Janis Miyasaki
Palliative care, Parkinson's disease  
Sue-Ann Mok Biochemistry Biochemistry  

Vivian Mushahwar

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation engineering for restoring motor function

Amanda Newton Pediatrics Pediatric mental health  

Peter Nguyen


Mechanisms of hippocampal synaptic plasticity

Tom Nowacki
Michael Overduin Biochemistry Alzheimer's and prion disease driver structural biology, ligand interactions, and post-translational regulation  

Silvia Pagliardini


In vivo physiology of respiratory networks

Cecile Phan

Dave Pilgrim

Biological Sciences /Cell Biology

Molecular analysis of nervous system development in model systems

Jason Plemel Neurology Cellular mechanisms of white matter injury and regeneration  

Elena Posse de Chaves


Understanding the role of lipids and lipoproteins in neuronal survival in health and disease


Chris Power


Neurovirology and neuroimmunology of the CNS and PNS


Arthur Prochazka


Sensory control of movement

Scot Purdon Psychiatry Neuropsychology, cognition research, particularly in psychoses  

Ted Putman

Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation

Skeletal muscle plasticity


Carmen Rasmussen

Pediatric Neuroscience

Pediatric neuroscience

Lawrence Richer Pediatrics
Development and evaluation of better therapeutic strategies for children with acute neurological disorders including headache, migraine, mild brain injury, and autonomic dysfunction.
Kay Rittenbach Psychiatry    
Ted Roberts

Francois Roy 


Brian Rowe Emergency Medicine Allergy, atrial fibrillation, influenza, screening and detection  
Tejas Sankar Neurosurgery Neurosurgery, Alzheimer's disease, depression, movement disorders  
Maher Saqqur
Neurology Stroke  

Yves Sauve


Functional assessment of degeneration and therapies in the visual system

Laura M Schmitt Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Neuroimmunology, with a special interest in multiple sclerosis and Epilepsy; Hypoxic-ischemic injury  

Ashfaq Shuaib


Mechanisms of cerebral ischemia: study of global and focal models in small laboratory models


Zaeem Siddiqi


Myasthenia gravis and critical illness peripheral neuropathy

Muzaffar Siddiqui

Peter Silverstone


Underlying mechanism of action in bipolar disorder


Valerie Sim


Prion disease


Thomas Simmen

Cell Biology

Basic cell biology of neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation


Anthony Singhal


Psychophysiology and functional neuroimaging of human attention, memory and visuomotor control


Simonetta Sipione


Molecular mechanisms in Huntington's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders

Sudhakar Sivapalan Psychiatry    

Peter Smith


Electrophysiology of neuropathic pain

Penny Smyth
Neurology Multiple sclerosis  
Craig Stenback
Trevor Steve Neurology High resolution MRI of hippocampal subfields in epilepsy  

Chris Striemer

MacEwan University 

The cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology of attention and visuomotor control


Christopher Sturdy


Neuroethology of songbird acoustic communication

Robert Stobbe

Oksana Suchowersky


Diagnosis, gene identification, and treatment of hereditary neurodegenerative disorders


Rich Sutton

Computing Science

Computational models of learning, prediction, control, and decision making in laboratory models and machines

Qiumin Tan Cell Biology Neurodevelopmental disorders (intellectual disabilities, autism and ADHD  
Anna Taylor Pharmacology Chronic pain  

Kathryn Todd


Investigations of multiple mechanisms leading to acute and degenerative neuronal cell death


Dallas Treit


Neural mechanisms of anxiety


Amy Tse


Regulation of calcium signals and exocytosis


Fred Tse


Biophysics of exocytosis

Benjamin Tucker Linguistics
Cognitive structure and models of speech comprehension and production
Liana Urichuk Psychiatry    
Frank van Landeghem Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Biomarkers, biomedical research, neuro-oncology, translational research  

Albert Vette

Mechanical Engineering

Neuromechanics of human balance and movement: fundamentals and rehabilitation

Anastasia Voronova Medical Genetics Autism, brain development, brain regeneration, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia  

Andrew Waskiewicz

Biological Sciences

Using the zebrafish hindbrain and retina as models to study the transcriptional mechanisms that specify anterior-posterior neuronal identity


Christine Webber


Nerve regeneration and axon guidance


David Westaway

Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases

Biology and pathobiology of CNS amyloid precursor proteins

Chris Westbury Psychology
Cognitive structure and neurological underpinnings of language  

Rachel Wevrick

Medical Genetics

Genetics of brain development and obesity; Prader-Willi Syndrome

Matt Wheatley Neurosurgery    

Sandra Wiebe


Development of executive control, emotion regulation and their neural substrates in early childhood

Cameron Wild Psychiatry Psychosocial aspects of addiction and mental health  
Holger Wille Biochemistry and Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases Proteins and neurodegenerative diseases   
Alan Wilman Biomedical Engineering High field imaging, susceptibility mapping, angiography  

Ian Winship


Imaging and augmenting endogenous neuroprotective and neuroplastic responses to stroke


Jerome Yager

Pediatric Neurology

Perinatal brain research

Herbert Yang Computing Science Computer vision and multimedia communications  

Jaynie Yang

Physical Therapy

Neural control of walking in humans


Toshifumi Yokota

Medical Genetics

Molecular mechanisms of neuromuscular diseases and antisense therapeutics


Jessica Yue


Brain mechanisms regulating glucose and lipid metabolism in diabetes and obesity


Doug Zochodne


Peripheral neurobiology-biology and disease of the peripheral nervous system

Lonnie Zwaigenbaum Pediatrics Autism   
David Zygun Critical Care Medicine Clinical, epidemiological, and translational issues relating to neurocritical care, particularly central nervous system injury and infection.