Neuroscience Fellowships

Terms of Reference and Application Process

Award Overview
The purpose of the Dr. Rowland and Muriel Haryett Neuroscience Fellowship is to attract outstanding scientists in training to the University of Alberta to conduct postdoctoral research in neuroscience. Two awards are available. This award is arranged through the help of the University Hospital Foundation (UHF) and the generosity of their donors. 

To apply for this competition:

  • Your supervisor must be a member of the NMHI (applicants must identify and contact a potential NMHI supervisor before applying);
  • You must hold a PhD and plan to work in an area that falls within the NMHI research areas;
  • You must provide a complete application form along with all required accompanying documents (see Application section below); 

Award Details
Two Dr. Rowland and Muriel Haryett Neuroscience Fellowships will be awarded for a term of one year. The value of each fellowship is $50,000 to be used towards salary costs; supervisors are responsible for benefits.

Supervisors are responsible for funding to support trainees beyond the first year. Trainees may hold this award once per eligible training program. Funding is non-transferable. It is the responsibility of the supervisor and/or awardee to inform the NMHI if they receive another award. Awardees are required to accept alternate funding. The award is tenable at the University of Alberta. 

  1. The following must be submitted by the applicant to
    • Completed application form
    • Curriculum vitae
    • University level transcripts
    • Letter of support from the proposed supervisor
  2. In addition, a letter of reference from a Referee that is NOT the proposed supervisor should be submitted directly to from the referee.
Applications that are either: i) incomplete, or ii) non-compliant with the program guidelines and/or application instructions may not be forwarded for review.

Application Deadline: November 30, 2020
Please click for an application form.

Review Process

All applications are evaluated by the NMHI Adjudication Committee. Applications will be subject to rigorous peer review and evaluated based on excellence of the candidate, the research proposal, the supervisor, and of the laboratory and training environment.

Competition Results
Official results of the competition will be emailed to the applicant and their supervisor.

Publications should recognize the support of the Dr. Rowland and Muriel Haryett Neuroscience Fellowship and the NMHI as an affiliation for authors. The trainee and supervisor must complete and submit a progress report within one month of the termination or completion of the award. This report should include a summary of the research conducted during the training and significance of the results and list any publications. Awardees may be asked to present their work to UHF, the donors, and at NMHI events.

Award Termination
The NMHI reserves the right to terminate any award if the conditions of the award are not met, or if there is evidence of unsatisfactory progress. The applicant and/or supervisor must immediately notify the NMHI of any changes that may affect continued eligibility to hold the award. This includes, but is not limited to, changes in employment status and leave of absences.