The University of Alberta stands with all Albertans

09 April 2020

The province and the U of A are dealing with an economic challenge not seen since the Great Depression. The impact of COVID-19 and the collapse of oil prices has been devastating for the economic and social well-being of the province as whole, and more directly, for our families, friends, and neighbours. Job losses, business closures and industry slow-downs are being felt by hundreds of thousands of Albertans. As a university community and public institution, we are working to support Albertans. I am actively engaging with colleagues in Ottawa to increase understanding of the situation here in Alberta, and on behalf of the U of A, I am actively making the case for financial support for the province, our key industries, including energy and natural resources, our communities, and as well as support for our employees, students, and research. This support to all sectors is critical to the well-being of our province in these unprecedented times.

As a university community, we are committed to the public good. With our fellow Albertans, we know that Alberta’s future economic and social prosperity must come in all sectors--from energy and agriculture that have historically supported this province, to arts and culture and healthcare to AI and bio-technology. We stand with Alberta’s businesses, industries, and community organizations in dealing with the challenges we face. Our commitment is to educating the next generation of citizens and leaders and supporting world leading research. Together with all Albertans, we will find the innovative and compelling solutions to ensure a strong return to social and economic prosperity for all.

David H. Turpin
President and Vice-chancellor