In Photos: Richard's Picks of 2013

University of Alberta photographer Richard Siemens takes thousands of pictures every year, capturing the people, places and moments that make up the life of our campus community. Here are some of his favourites this year.

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UAlberta vista

A view of the U of A under a glorious Alberta sky

"I liked the scale of this shot, our campus against the backdrop of that glorious Alberta sky."

Ken Cadien at the NanoFab clean room

Ken Cadien at the NanoFab clean room

"The silver and white, and the angles of all the technology in this clean room, gave this image a hard-science feel that I liked."

Mountain pine beetle

Mountain pine beetle in flight

"This is a very technical close-up because the beetle is so small and its wings move so fast. I also got some good shots with the wings frozen, but this one had a great symmetry."

University glass-blower Jason Dibbs

U of A scientific glass-blower Jason Dibbs at work

"He has a really interesting job, making scientific glassware for researchers across campus. And the effect of the fire on the glass is fascinating."

Chancellor Ralph Young

Chancellor Ralph Young at the old senate chamber

"This was taken in the old senate chamber. The chancellor was listening intently to someone who was speaking, and I liked the way he was framed by the objects in the room."

Ecologist Mark Poesch and his team

Ecologist Mark Poesch's research team in the field at a wetland in South Edmonton

"I don't always get to accompany researchers into the field. But this pond happened to be not far from campus, so I was able to tag along."

Theatre designer Jamie Plummer

Theatre designer Jamie Plummer inspects a model of the stage

"She was designing the set for the U of A Studio Theatre's production of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. I wanted to get right down and see what the view would be from the wings of the stage."

Class of 2013: Beth Warner-Hudson

Class of 2013 graduate Beth Warner-Hudson

"We sat in the car for 15 minutes in the rain. I said sorry, we can't do this today. I was actually driving away when I realized the rain had stopped, so I turned back. We got five shots before it started raining again."

Tory Lecture Theatres

Tory Lecture Theatres in winter

"We were looking for holiday-card winter scenes-familiar places on campus covered in snow. This was a familiar place that ended up looking completely unfamiliar."

Judge Jim Wheatley, Alumni Honour Award winner

Judge Jim Wheatley, UAlberta Alumni Honour Award winner, at Rutherford Library

"He said one of his favourite memories of the U of A was spending time in the Rutherford Library. You can see that in his smile."

Golden Bears football

Golden Bears football home opener

"I shot this for a feature on the Bears home opener at Foote Field. I enjoyed the photo shoot and I enjoyed that game."

Sarah McLachlan at fall convocation

Sarah McLachlan performs at fall convocation

"I'm no paparazzo. I don't like to get up in people's faces. So I was a bit hesitant to get up onstage as she was singing. But I knew I wouldn't get another chance like this."

Richard's daughter and her grandparents

U of A photographer Richard Siemens' daughter with her grandparents at spring convocation

"I've been trying for 23 years to get a natural, candid photo of my father-in-law. He always looks at the camera! But when my daughter Danielle graduated from the U of A this spring, I finally caught him in the moment."