In Photos: Richard's Picks of 2015

University of Alberta photographer Richard Siemens takes thousands of pictures every year, capturing the people, places and moments that make up the life of our campus community. Here are some of his favourites this year.

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The past meets the president

"We photographed President Turpin in the office that was once President Tory's. I've been around the U of A awhile, but this really gave me a sense of the history of this place."

Winning smile

"I like photos that make me feel something. And this one of Muna Hussein Saleh, who won a Killam Memorial Scholarship this year, makes me feel happy every time I look at it."

The new centrepiece of North Campus

"This statue is obviously a great spot for photos, and there were quite a few people around the first time I went to photograph it. I like how the students frame it here, caught in a moment of motion."

Outstanding in his field

"For his convocation photo shoot, Reid Graham brought an atlatl, a hunting weapon that predates the bow and arrow. He had made it himself. It made for a really unusual photo that makes you curious why this guy is holding this thing, wearing a robe and standing in the middle of a field."

Cultivator of history

"I photographed Jack Francis at the museum he runs for the Faculty of ALES after he won a U of A Community Connections Award. He's managed to collect about 400 items over the years, dating back as far as the early 1900s. You can see how proud he is."

Laid in Alberta

"This is another one I took for the Community Connections Awards. The Adopt a Heritage Chicken program gives out eggs to people who adopt a chicken, which is a cool idea, and their packaging is even cooler."

The art of the portrait

"It's just Jay Ingram, wearing black, sitting in a stairwell. Simple but powerful."

Gridiron Golden Bears

Golden Bears football players are ready for the 2014-15 season.

"I didn't know the gloves came together to form an A like that until they showed me. But once I saw it, I wanted to show everyone else."

Provost Stephen Dew

"I was happy with how this turned out. Another simple background, but with some interesting angles. He looks poised, confident, ready for the job."

The Alberta Bear

"This is the first and only shot I've taken of the Alberta Bear. I used a very long lens, photographing it the way you'd photograph wildlife. It seems to come alive with that light reflecting off the bronze."

Talk with the hands

"Some people are as expressive with their hands as they are with their face. President Turpin is one of those people."

Musical bliss

"This is P.J. Perry performing at the gala for President Samarasekera last April. You want to know what passion for music looks like, it's right there on his face."

Stephen Toope, honorary doctor of laws

"Stephen Toope was obviously conscious of how everything looks up on stage, because he was very accommodating as I photographed him receiving his honorary degree last June. He was aware I was there, and he managed to put himself in just the right position under the U of A coat of arms for this photo."

Man of the whole people

"Along with the more formal portraits, we took some photos of President Turpin outdoors with students. To me, these are the ones that really show his personality-the guy who likes to get out of the office, meet people and talk to them."