In photos: The Block A team

On April 1, 2016, University of Alberta Athletics hosted its annual "Block A" event, recognizing athletes in their third year for their contributions to Bears and Pandas athletics. This year, Athletics also honoured 54 female athletes from 1908-1970 with their own sweaters-giving athletes young and old a chance to connect and celebrate more than a century of excellence.

The Block A ceremony was created in 1932 to honour male athletes at the U of A. Until 1989, female athletes received jackets honouring their athletic contributions, but did not receive a Block A sweater. Here, current and past Pandas athletes pose with Betty Lilge (seated in middle), aged 101, who played basketball from 1934-37.

Connie Nixon (Basketball, 1950-54), Frances Losie (Basketball, 1954-56) and Margaret Southern (Golf, Basketball, Badminton, 1949-53) reconnect at the event. Southern was the guest of honour, and Losie is shown wearing the white jacket the Pandas used to receive instead of sweaters.

Ida Thomson (Volleyball, 1961-64) and Myrna Empey (Basketball, 1962-64) pose with Patches the Panda. Women's athletics teams have been known as the Pandas since 1945, when player Helen Plasteras' suggestion was accepted by the women's basketball team.

Event MC Helen Wright is founder and former head coach of the Pandas rugby program, the most successful women's rugby program in Canadian university sport history with six national titles.

Kim Hertlein (Basketball, 1995-2000) poses with her mother, Margo Wyley (Basketball, 1960-63), marking two generations of women's basketball at the U of A.

On April 14, 2016, a new dance studio in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation will be officially opened and named in honour of Dorothy Harris (Track and Field, 1943-45).

Marg Convey (Basketball, 1965-68), Sarah Wickstrom (Basketball, 1977-81) and Megan Wickstrom (Basketball, 2010-15) pose at the Block A event. Sarah, who is Megan's mother, will be receiving her sweater with her 1970-89 classmates.

Generations of Pandas volleyball players come together. The Pandas volleyball team has won seven national titles, including an incredible six in a row from 1995-2000.

Juliet McMaster (Fencing, 1961-65) is professor emerita in the Department of English and Film Studies. McMaster is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and was the first student to receive her PhD in the U of A's Faculty of Arts.

Cathy McMillan (Basketball/Golf, 1964-69) with her daughters Erin and Allison. McMillan was voted the outstanding female athlete in Alberta in 1963, and is a member of the U of A's Sports Wall of Fame.

(From left) Current soccer Pandas Kristen Livingstone, Madeline Smith-Ackerl, Terri Kutryk, Julia Ignacio, Fallon Dickie and Maggie Zacsko show off their Block A sweaters. Since the establishment of the CWIAU in 1969, the Pandas athletic program has won 33 national championships, including seven national titles each in hockey and volleyball.