For biological science innovation

    Alumni Honour Award
    David Wishart, ’83 BSc(Hons), biochemist, professor

    Metabolomics is an innovative approach to health care, using a technique that identifies and catalogues every chemical in the human body and looks for patterns in those chemicals that correspond to different illnesses. David Wishart developed tools and techniques that helped launch Canada’s first metabolomics company, Chenomx, in 2000. He also leads The Metabolomics Innovation Centre that provides services to labs around the world. Those who know Wishart recount the impact he has had on students, peers and the medical community.

    “David has worked in a tireless, energetic manner to establish a world-class foundational centre for metabolomics, and he has had a positive influence on the whole research community.”

    Randy Goebel, associate vice-president, academic; associate vice-president, research; principal investigator, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

    “The satisfaction I derived from working in the Wishart lab was the light in my life at a very dark time. In addition to providing me with meaningful work, Dr. Wishart was also individually supportive.”

    Connie Sobsey, ’07 BA, PhD student, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

    “He is truly doing research that is unique and world-class. The tools and techniques developed by Dr. Wishart have led to new discoveries and new technologies.”

    Christoph Borchers, professor, University of Victoria, McGill University