Autumn 2015

Your Letters

Partners in Research

As an alumna of the University of Alberta and CEO of the Alberta Cancer Foundation, I was very pleased to read the latest issue of New Trail magazine. [“Teaming Up to Conquer Cancer”] was a great article that shares the same vision we do at the ACF: breaking down boundaries to speed up discovery.

The ACF is proud of our partnership with the University of Alberta and it is wonderful to know an even wider audience will see how so many of our investments are paying off. Our donors funded many of the success stories profiled here, including clinical trials, Alberta Cancer Research Biobank, Ing Swie Goping’s BAD biology research project, Dr. John Lewis’s work as the Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair in Prostate Cancer Research, and Dr. Lynne-Marie Postovit’s Sawin-Baldwin Chair in Ovarian Cancer. We consider ourselves good stewards of our donors but appreciate it when our partners share that same message about pushing the pace of progress for Albertans facing cancer.

Myka Osinchuk, ’90 BSc(Speech/Aud), ’98 MBA, CEO, Alberta Cancer Foundation, Edmonton

Language Overload

My congratulations on your Spring issue! I was particularly intrigued by the article “Second Chance at a Second Tongue” by Todd Babiak (page 14) because I have no language ability whatsoever. When I was doing graduate work in art history at another university, interesting work in the field was coming out of Germany, so I thought I should learn German. I enrolled in a summer course in the language but realized the course was probably not for me when, during the first coffee break in the first class, more than half of the students went up to the professor and spoke to him — in German! I might also mention that the instructor spoke English with a very broad Scottish accent, which added an additional “linguistic layer” to the class. Furthermore, during the three days I remained in the course, what did I hear when I was in my study attempting to make my “sprechening” sound less English? Chinese music from the apartment across the alley! So there I was: I had a professor with a Scottish accent, I was hearing Chinese music and I was trying to learn to speak German. Obviously the language gods had abandoned me, and ever since then I’ve resigned myself to being a unilingual former Albertan.

Chuck Crockford, ’62 BEd, Waterloo, Ont.

Solving Pressing Problems

My compliments on your Spring 2015 issue, and in particular the articles “Teaming Up to Conquer Cancer” and “Minds Without Borders.” I am heartened and proud that my alma mater is using collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to advance knowledge and use it to solve pressing problems. The quality of the writing was excellent, particularly in view of the very advanced subject matter. More articles of this nature would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Ellen Nygaard, ’70 BA, ’88 MBA, Edmonton

A Sad Note

We note with sadness that Tanya Prochazka, who was featured in the Spring 2015 cover story “Teaming up to Conquer Cancer,” died May 12, shortly before the issue came out. Prochazka’s story — and her life — were filled with hope and love for her family. Our condolences to those who knew her and to those who were touched by her story.

– Lisa Cook, Editor-in-Chief, New Trail


In the Spring 2015 issue we neglected to note that Deborah James, who was listed as the former executive director of the Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta (page 27), is an alumna. She should have been listed as Deborah James, ’89 BSc(Pharm), ’96 PhD.

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