Autumn 2017

The 21

By Sarah Pratt

Fierce. Frank. Forward-thinking. Meet Your Everyday Heroes

The alumni you see on these pages are not the kind of people who feel comfortable in the limelight — quite the opposite, really. They are more often found in the background, making sure everyone else gets their share of praise.

Well, this is our opportunity to shine a spotlight on these everyday heroes.

It’s no coincidence that our Alumni Award winners are nominated by their co-workers, friends and family. They are the ones who most often witness the quiet acts of courage and compassion for which these award recipients are being honoured. The ones who see the fighter within the athlete, the community leader standing behind the counter, the humanitarian in the doctor and the lifelong impact of a kind word. Social injustice, climate change, mental health — in ways large and small, each one of the people on these pages has refused to walk past a problem. Read on to help us celebrate the accomplishments of these 21 remarkable alumni. It’s time for them to step forward and finally be recognized.

Paul Cantor

For being a model of leadership

Distinguished Alumni Award

Paul Cantor, ’62 BA
Investment banker, leadership trainer

Teresa Spinelli

For being a pillar of Little Italy

Alumni Honour Award

Teresa Spinelli, ’83 BA

Donald Brinton

For bringing news and entertainment to Canadian TV viewers

Distinguished Alumni Award

Donald Brinton, ’51 BSc(Ag)

David Otto

For successfully combining a love of athletics and medicine

Sports Wall of Fame

David Otto, ’86 BMedSc, ’88 MD
Hockey player, orthopedic surgeon

Nicole Cardinal

For helping improve the health of Indigenous peoples

Alumni Horizon Award

Nicole Cardinal, ’12 MD
Family doctor, advocate

John Hogg

For finding new ways to succeed in sports

Sports Wall of Fame

John Hogg, ’78 MA, ’82 PhD
Coach, professor

Wayne Lindwall

For reshaping the agricultural landscape

Distinguished Alumni Award

Wayne Lindwall, ’71 BSc(Ag), ’75 MSc
Agricultural engineer, soil scientist

Heike Juergens

For a life of compassionate service

Alumni Service Award

Heike Juergens, ’72 BA, ’79 MEd, ’87 PhD
Psychologist, volunteer extraordinaire

Jane Alexander

For being a powerful voice for change

Alumni Honour Award

Jane Alexander, ’93 MEd, ’97 PhD
Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada

Titilope Sonuga

For inspiring others by listening to her soul

Alumni Horizon Award

Titilope Sonuga, ’08 BSc(CivEng)
Poet, writer, performer

Bradley Burns

For transforming the culture of a community

Alumni Honour Award

Bradley Burns, ’94 BEd
Principal, Highlands School

Margaret Evans

For giving Canadians insight into urgent global stories

Alumni Honour Award

Margaret Evans, ’14 BA
Foreign correspondent, CBC

Elizabeth Turnbull

For her dedication to keeping the conversation going

Alumni Award of Excellence

Elizabeth Turnbull, ’84 BMus
Opera singer and U of A voice instructor

James Lazaruk

For having the Midas touch

Sports Wall of Fame

James Lazaruk, ’71 BSc, ’72 Dip(Ed), ’73 BEd
Coach, math teacher

Danielle Bourgeois

For leading with contagious determination

Sports Wall of Fame

Danielle Bourgeois, ’05 BA, ’09 LLB
Hockey player, lawyer

John Kuspira

For influencing the science of genetics on a global scale

Alumni Honour Award

John Kuspira, ’55 PhD
Geneticist, professor

Gail Powley

For advocating for women in STEM fields

Alumni Honour Award

Gail Powley, ’84 BSc(ChemEng)

Adam Sweet

For devoting his life to serving the public

Alumni Horizon Award

Adam Sweet, ’07 BA, ’07 BA(SpecCert)
Chief of staff, Edmonton Economic Development Corp.

Lorne Warneke

For fighting for LGBTQ rights

Distinguished Alumni Award

Lorne Warneke, ’63 BSc(HonsCert), ’67 MD
Psychiatrist, clinical professor

Latitha Taylor

For treating food as more than fuel

Alumni Horizon Award

Lalitha Taylor, ’05 BSc(Nutr/Food)
Registered dietitian

William Patton

For teaching people to live

Alumni Honour Award

William Patton, ’86 BMedSc, ’88 MD
Emergency physician