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UAlberta grads on why they couldn't get enough of the Tuck Shop cinnamon buns

December 12, 2018 •

Few things take us back in time like the taste, smell and texture of food. And the student comfort foods eaten while racing to class or pulling an all-nighter? Those are legendary. We asked you to share your memories of the famous Tuck Shop cinnamon buns. Find more or share your own at facebook.com/UAlbertaAlumni.

I have been longing to taste those cinnamon buns from CAB ever since I left Canada in 1983. Those buns got me through six years of early-morning lectures at U of A. They beat all the buns I've ever tasted here in Los Angeles (e.g., Cinnabon) - the ones in CAB were crispy on the outside and not too sweet. I visited campus 10 years ago but the Tuck Shop wasn't there. I even went around 9 a.m. because I knew the buns would be gone before 10:30!

-Tom Fan, '81 BSc(MechEng), '83 MSc

In dental school, we missed out on the buns because we couldn't get to CAB in time due to our strict clinic schedule. I also went to UBC where they had very similar buns at the old cafeteria. I thought they stole the recipe from U of A, but they claim the opposite.

-Rob Wolanski, '87 BSc(Dent), '87 DDS

While attending U of A, a group of us lived two doors down from the Tuck Shop and enjoyed many, many, many of those famous buns.

-Joseph Rapaich, '67 BSc(MechEng)

Think that's where the "freshman 10" started!

-@heyladiesyeg (including Davina Stewart, '86 BFA, and Noel Taylor, '09 BEd), on Instagram

You can still see the "Tuck Shop Tree" on campus. When the Tuck Shop was demolished, the tree, a white walnut (butternut), was moved to the northwest corner of the Faculty Club.

-Dustin Bajer, '06 BEd, via Twitter

While attending the U of A from 1969 to 1976, I had a wife, two boys and very little money. Off I would go every day with my Thermos of coffee and some sandwiches. But one day a week my wife gave me permission to have a cinnamon bun. What ecstasy! I think I was salivating even before I woke up. And for sure I was at the front of the line. Can't take any chances when there was a prize better than gold.

-Gordon McLeod, '73 BA, MHSA '76

I remember those cinnamon buns. I worked in campus mail during the summer and I would take a break between my rounds and grab one of those to eat - the most delicious buns ever!

-Katherine Orrell, '81 BA(Hons)

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