Alumni Asked & Answered: Spencer Beach, '08 CertOS

    Professional Speaker Spencer Beach, '08 CertOS, on lessons learned in and out of class.

    By Meghan Sylvester on April 11, 2014

    Spencer Beach,

    Who: Spencer Beach

    Degree: ’08 CertOS

    Current Occupation: Professional Speaker, Spencer Speaks Inc.

    What do you miss most about being a U of A student? The other students and the staff. It was a great place to network when establishing a new career and a very nurturing environment to learn in.

    Favourite campus memory? Graduating. To complete the work and make that next step into your career is worth all the long hours of studying.

    What’s the one piece of advice you’d give a current U of A student? Start reading the textbooks prior to starting the course. It will save you time in the evening on trying to stay on track. I spent many late nights reading and studying just trying to keep up with the course.

    Best procrastination activity? Dreaming of lunch.

    Favourite course/professor? Principles of Health and Safety. This course opened my eyes to the possibilities of safety and I now use many items in this course for my presentations.

    If you got one university do-over, what would it be? Study hard in high school and go to university when I was 18 instead of letting “partying” change my potential and spend 12 years in the trades.

    Favourite secret makeout/study spot? None. I am happily married and I studied at the kitchen table alone most nights.

    What did you do to help you stay sane during exam time? Exam time really didn’t apply to me as I was in an extension course and the tests were usually at the end of each course. What helped pass each class was being an active participant. The more you understand the easier it is to retain what you think you know.

    What impact has the U of A had on your life? It has changed my life and validated my career as a professional speaker. I took my presentation subjects so seriously that I graduated with distinction, which shows my clients I am passionate, knowledgeable and worth hiring.