Winter 2015

The Future of Everything

Future of Everything FMA Banner

One Giant Leap Forward

Curiosity is the catalyst that creates a better future

Life After the Singularity

Should we fear the robots? 7 experts weigh in

The Future of Energy is in our Hands

Will the sun, feedstock and garbage fuel our lives? It’s up to us to decide

Virtual Googles and Digital Degrees

How will a teacher’s role change in a world where all information is available online?

VR Glitches

In the future, travel isn't something you do – it's something you eat.

We Become Ocean

Waters rise and fall, reacting to the climate shift of a questionable future tense

The Next 100 Years

Suburbs on Mars and 3D traffic jams

The Rise of the Superfoods

I survived a week on the ‘food of the future.’ Here’s what I learned

Notes Toward Nine Stories of the Future

Electronic immortality and dolphin masters: an SF writer imagines the future

Uplifting the Whole Universe

4 alumni debate the future and our role in it

Urban Spacewalk

How will changes in the next century affect the way cities are perceived

Wouldn't Be the First Time They Have Let Us Down

The Internet is a graveyard of arbitrary images – of constant documentation

You, Tomorrow

The human body will be so much more than it is today

The Home of the Future, Today

The home of the future is already well underway

Medicine Writ Large

Physicians as humanists: the role of doctors in a post-disease world

An Anatomy Course Circa 2115

The human body's future sits between technological success and environmental failure

Orwellian Living

Privacy in the digital age looks more and more like 1984

Quick Thoughts on Big Ideas

What is the future of religion? Fashion? The environment? Our experts weigh in