Fashion Sense

    We asked alumni to share the most popular (or worst!) fashions while they were students (Illustrations by Katy Dockrill)

    By You on December 8, 2017

     Grunge fashion


    Plaid flannel shirt tied around the waist, XL concert tees (for extra volume), baggy Levi’s 501s with the button-fly, and six-hole black Doc Martens. And a choker necklace, of course. If it was warm, the jeans were replaced by denim cutoffs worn with black tights. #90sGrungeGirl

    Isabela Varela Romero, ’96 BA


    Mid-1980s. Polo shirts, Benetton, the first round of stirrup pants, Daniel Hechter sweatshirts from Fairweather’s, perms and big hair, first round of neon, Dynasty-style shoulder pads, “Dress for Success” and those blouses with the ties at the neck, jumpsuits, “Lady Di” haircut, Miami Vice look for the guys, loafers with no socks, skinny ties.

    Leanne Sim Nickel, ’87 BCom


    Woman with bow in her hair 

    Big hair, shoulder pads, leg warmers, scarf in the hair.

    Siobhan Muldowney, ’88 BSc(Med), ’90 MD


    When I was on campus in the ’60s, long hair was at its best. I wore a brush cut and got booed.

    John Elson, ’65 BEd, ’68 BA


    Beehive haircut 

    Blue eyeshadow, heavily backcombed hair piled on top of the head, sleeping in hair rollers, cat’s-eye glasses, stiletto heels, silk flowers worn as brooches. And never, never pants to class. Warm boots not invented yet, so walking from Pembina Hall to Corbett Hall, where education classes were held, meant pumps and bare legs. Frostbite was not unknown.

    Anita Jenkins, ’66 BEd


    Denim Shirt

    Late ’70s: denim shirt, blue jeans, hiking boots.

    Bob Kenyon, ’80 BA


    MEC rad pants, fleece, socks and sandals.

    Jacalyn Hodgson, ’00 BSc(MechEng)


    I lived in the new women’s residence while I was a student. At that time, women were not allowed in the Lister Hall cafeteria wearing slacks. If a woman was wearing slacks, she was sent up to her room to put on a skirt, even in the winter!

    Tina Matiisen, ’67 BA


    On the cusp of the yoga pants era. Lots of hoodies, flare-leg jeans. #2002

    Cassandra Snider, ’06 BA