December 4, 2012

    New Trail's art director, Marcey Andrews, and photographer, John Ulan, wanted a striking image to illustrate “The Changing Face of the North” story in the December 2012 issue of New Trail—one that instantly communicates the state of change taking place within northern research.

    The decision to photograph Marianne Douglas, director of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute, through a pane of ice led to a photo shoot filled with uncertainty. Over one afternoon in a backyard near the University of Alberta, the creative team used two 32-kilogram blocks of ice, a pair of saw horses, a heat gun, a side light, plenty of hot coffee and some serendipitous snowflakes to create this striking image. Oh, and a subject who wasn’t afraid to have a little fun with the shoot.

    Click play on the video below to hear them tell the story of how the photo shoot came together.