Winter 2012/13

Up Front

Eloura Mishra (left)

Eloura Mishra, ’09 BEd, is an open and enthusiastic woman. In casual conversation, she just radiates positivity. It comes through when she’s talking about her time as a U of A student, when she’s talking about her class of fourth graders at Earl Buxton School in Edmonton, but most of all when she explains why she loves volunteering.

“I feel like when I volunteer, it helps me grow as an individual but I also contribute to the collective good,” says Mishra (pictured above, left). “And I love the experiences it gives me with people. I especially like to talk with some of the older alumni and hear their stories.”

Mishra grew up on the northern Prairies: Edmonton and St. Paul, Alta., and spent a formative junior high year in Buffalo Narrows, Sask. She readily agrees when we talk about the Canadian spirit of co-operation — something amplified in northern communities.

In the North, we are dependent on our neighbours for so much more than pushing cars out of snowbanks. Up here, co-operation and community support are essential for survival, says Rod Macleod, ’62 BA, historian and U of A professor emeritus. But it’s more than that. Even with the advent of climate-controlled buildings and fresh produce delivered daily to our local supermarkets, Canadians still believe strongly in pitching in and lending a hand. From one generation to the next, the message is passed down: helping isn’t just a duty. It’s a privilege.

In this Northern Issue, you’ll find plenty of examples of other members of the U of A family giving back: through their research, by putting their skills to work for the community or by donating their time. The most notable example is Peter Lougheed, ’51 BA, ’52 LLB, ’86 LLD (Honorary). In "The Lougheed Legacy," you’ll find the story of how his generosity of spirit and drive to lead the province in a new direction had a direct impact on the U of A and its students. Now we invite you to join these alumni and give back. In 2015, the Alumni Association will mark its 100th anniversary and our goal is to document 2,015 alumni volunteer experiences by the time we wrap up Alumni Weekend in September 2015.

And if you don’t believe us about how great it is to volunteer, ask Mishra.

“You get a deeper connection with people when you volunteer. That’s priceless.”

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Jane Halford, ’94 BCom
President, Alumni Association

Sean Price, ’95 BCom, MBA
Associate Vice-President, Alumni Affairs; Executive Director, Alumni Association