Who You Are

    Meet the people who are proud to call the U of A their alma mater — and 93.6 per cent say you are proud

    By Karen Sherlock on December 5, 2013

    Where you live, where you work, what you think of the U of A

    The U of A boasts more than a quarter-million living alumni. You are making an impact in every sector of the economy, every corner of our communities and in many parts of the world. You are successful employees and employers, prolific founders and creators, avid volunteers. You have a strong bent for helping others, bringing to life the university’s promise of “uplifting the whole people.”

    We’ve pulled together some of our own numbers* to sketch out a U of A family portrait and give context to the Briggs-Jennings survey.

    Three in four of you call Alberta home. More than 90 per cent of you live in Canada. Of Alberta alumni, more than two-thirds make your home in and around Edmonton, 17 per cent live in the Calgary area and 15 per cent live elsewhere in the province. Outside Alberta, the largest urban populations of alumni live in the Vancouver and Toronto areas.

    Four per cent of you call the United States home, with California, Texas, Washington and New York claiming the greatest numbers. Internationally, Hong Kong is a hub for U of A alumni, followed by Australia and the United Kingdom.

    Nearly one in four of you graduated with education degrees. Arts grads make up the second-biggest group, at 17 per cent, with science and engineering the two next largest.

    Your education has launched you into a wide range of careers, but a remarkable proportion of you — close to half — work in high social-impact sectors such as education, health and social work.

    Here’s a stat we’re especially happy to report: a whopping 91.4 per cent of you rate your decision to attend the U of A as good or great. In fact, you’re so proud of your alma mater that 93.6 per cent of you say you promote the U of A to others.

    *Figures based on Alumni Association data