Winter 2013

Up Front

The Impact Issue is a celebration. It’s our opportunity to recognize the collective impact of our alumni in a way that has never before been possible.

This issue began back in spring 2012, when we sent out a survey asking alumni to share with us what they’ve accomplished since receiving their degrees. The answers were collected by two researchers at the Alberta School of Business, Anthony Briggs, ’95 BSc(Hons), and Jennifer Jennings, who spent a year and a half poring over the data.

They released their findings in September, and what your survey responses revealed stunned even us. University of Alberta alumni-founded companies inject billions of dollars into the economy and employ an estimated 1.5 million people around the world. Just as impressive is what you told us about your priorities. More than one-third of alumni who filled out the survey are creating companies, products, processes and publications with a cultural, environmental and social mission. U of A alumni also volunteer more often than the average Canadian and tell us they’re optimistic and happy.

So we’ve dedicated this issue to celebrating with you what can be accomplished by our collective power. Starting with the Alumni Impact Report, you can find the beginning of our reporting. It’s a 360-degree portrait that sheds new light on our alumni community: where you live, what work you do, how the U of A affected your life, even how happy you are. Enjoy the stories — they are about you.

We put faces to the U of A impact by celebrating nine individuals as Impact Makers. The alumni you meet on these pages come from different worlds and have each made their mark in a unique way. Our hope is that they represent the breadth of accomplishment that comes out of this university.

Because this survey is about all of us, we want to hear your personal stories of impact — how the university shaped your future or what you’re most proud of since graduation. We will share your stories in the Class Notes section of this magazine and on our website. Visit to share your memories and accomplishments, and give the alumni community a chance to celebrate along with you.

Sean Price

Sean Price, ’95 BCom, MBA,
Associate Vice-President, Alumni Relations; Executive Director, Alumni Association