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2018 Student Blogs

Intern Blogs

Each Intern is encouraged to keep a Blog of their experiences to share with the Engage North Community. Join us in enjoying their experiences and stories.

2018 Interns

Laura Torgrimson

BFN Youth and Recreation Intern

Laura is a sociology and fine art student at the University of Alberta. When not studying she is either teaching at an Edmonton dance studio, creating art in various mediums or volunteering at the University Hospital in a program called Artists on the Wards. She loves all types of art and working with children. Her goal is to eventually work in a pediatric hospital as an art therapist.

Libby Macphail

BFN Lands and Consultation Intern

I am a 4th year Urban and Regional Planning student. My academic interests include community planning, revitalization, and engagement. As the Lands and Consultation intern in Beaver, I hope to learn more about Aboriginal community planning, ground truthing, and environmental stewardship. My interests include coffee, knitting, reading, hiking, and piano.

Liza Chatterjee

DTFN Health and Wellness Intern

I was born in Russia and variously raised in the United States before moving to Canada. I'm going into my fourth year of studies in the bilingual nursing program at the University of Alberta, as well as my second year of leadership studies in the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. In conjunction with nursing, I'm deeply interested in storytelling, community work, and plants. I love language and poetry. I want to learn more about reconciliation and decolonization, especially in the context of health.

Jessica Somera

DTFN Youth and Recreation Intern

Jessica Somera is an undergraduate student at the University of Alberta currently studying Honours Neuroscience and Mental Health. She believes in the interactive relationship between education, sport and culture and has volunteered in Indigenous communities since she moved up to Northern Alberta at the age of 11. Jessica is a team player who loves to travel, learn about new things and work with other people. No matter where Jessica goes in life, she will always have a strong connection with Northern Alberta and those who have made an impact on her.

Rachel Bates

YKDFN Community Garden and Environmental Education Intern

Rachel is an undergraduate Environmental and Conservation Sciences student at the University of Alberta, majoring in Conservation Biology. Her academic interests primarily lie in natural resource management. When not studying, she tries to spend the majority of her time on the land by birdwatching, pressing plants and discovering new places to have picnics. Her indoor life is consumed by knitting, speaking French and living in residence at the University. Rachel has cultivated a deep love for the North and hopes to spend the majority of her career there.

Yashashwinee Parmar

Pangnirtung Environmental Wellness Project

I am an MSc student in the Urban and Regional Planning program at the University of Alberta. My academic interests in Sustainable Community Planning Development and parks planning stem from my background in Environmental Studies. As the Environmental Wellness Intern for the Hamlet of Pangnirtung I am learning about waste management and recycling, climate change and alternative energy potential in the northern Canadian context. Through my work for the Hamlet, I have gained a newfound interest in planning for waste management. In my free time, I love making art, trying new food, hiking, photographing flowers and petting dogs.